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 Joining the alliance

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Joining the alliance Empty
PostSubject: Joining the alliance   Joining the alliance EmptySun Feb 22, 2009 11:46 pm

IGN: Grum
Population: 157 as at 0645
Tribe: Gauls
Troops: 0
Activity: Every day from @0800-2200, I am on long-term sick from work, just got out of hospital after spine surgery!
Other details: Started playing S4 whilst waiting for tasks to finish on speed server. Have played gauls for three speed servers now and have been defence team co-ordinator for my alliance for last two speed servers. I use gold ALL the time to get things moving quicker. I currently have no troops because I always get my MB, residence and palisade up before making troops. It gives raiders a REAL headache when they try it on after I am ready for them!

I am currently being raided every day, suckers get nothing, cranny's are great!

I also have an embassy ready.


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Joining the alliance
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